The scenarios

Hard Brexit

If the United Kingdom and the European Union do not reach an agreement by October 31st, 2019, a “hard Brexit” is to be expected. The rules applicable to persons and goods will have to be individually reviewed, leading to negotiations of an unparalleled complexity. Companies have to assess as of now what the consequences of a hard Brexit on their activities might be.

The scenarios

Soft Brexit

If the United Kingdom and the European Union are able to reach an agreement endorsed by both the European Union and the United Kingdom, a comprehensive legal framework will enable the harmonization of the trade relations between the two areas. However, this framework will be unprecedented and a period of adjustment will be needed, the time of a transition between the rules applicable under European law and this new law. A period to be anticipated by all companies affected by Brexit.

The scenarios


The United Kingdom and the European Union have the opportunity to postpone the effective date of Brexit (October 31st, 2019). A delay will entail a temporary survival of European law during the period of negotiations. Companies affected by Brexit must therefore foresee a period of legal uncertainty.

Our Brexit offer

A joint expertise between our two offices in Paris and London.

FTPA is one of the few French law firms with an office in London, opened in October 2016. Since 1972, our law firm assists companies of all sizes in conducting their projects, cases and complex litigation.

Since the announcement of Brexit in June 2016, we are faced with questions and concerns of companies which have interests between the European Union and the United Kingdom. Aware of the tremendous challenges raised by this overhaul, we have put in place a dedicated offer in order to best assist managers and to enable them to effectively anticipate the measures to be taken by April 12th.

Legal Expertise

Team and Practices

Our law firm offers to companies the legal expertise of its lawyers in the areas of law most affected by Brexit.


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